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Investment Project 1 "STEM Centres and Innovation in Education“

Pillar 1: Innovative Bulgaria

Component 1 "Education and Skills“

Investment 1 (C1.I1) "Centres for STEM and Innovation in Education" of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan

Procedure BG-RRP-1.015 "School STEM Environment“

The main objective of the procedure is to provide the physical environment and the technical equipment and furnishing of STEM spaces in schools in order to establish a new generation integrated learning environment, to encourage and support educational innovation in STEM learning and teaching and to increase students' interest in science and research.

The procedure will support the establishment of STEM Centres and High-Tech Equipped and Connected Classrooms (HECC) in schools through supply of equipment/furniture/software and  limited works activities aiming to establish new contemporary learning spaces and transformation of existing traditional learning spaces and common spaces/areas to newly architectural learning environments.

Specific final recipients

Specific final beneficiaries under procedure BG-RRP-1.015 "School STEM Environment" are state and municipal schools and special education support centers on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria according to Order No. RD09-853/18.04.2023 of the Minister of Education and Science and the List of specific final beneficiaries and maximum amount of funding (Annex V to the Call).

The total amount of funding is BGN 534 335 450, VAT included (of which BGN 445 279 542 are Recovery and Sustainability Mechanism (RSM) funds and BGN 89 055 908 are VAT and are financed from the State Budget of the Republic of Bulgaria).

The maximum duration of implementation of the investment is 35 months, but no later than 31.05.2026.



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