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The General Directorate "Structural Funds and International Educational Programmess" of the Ministry of Education and Science invites the potential applicants to submit project proposals under Priority Axis 1 "Research and Technological Development," Investment Priority 1а. "Enhancing research and innovation infrastructure and capacities to develop research and innovation excellence, and promoting centres of competence, in particular those of European interest", through procedure of selecting project proposals: "CREATION AND DEVELOPMENT OF CENTRES OF EXELLENCE"

The purpose of the procedure is to support the enhancement of the level and the market orientation of the research activities of leading research organisations in Bulgaria and to improve the capacity for generation of research excellence. The latter will be achieved through support provision for creation, development and/or modernisation of centres of excellence, which will help to overcome the shortage of competitive and internationally recognised research complexes meeting advanced infrastructure and top level research standards in areas of interest of the Bulgarian economy, namely the priority areas of the Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialisation (ISSS).
The centres will set up the best possible conditions for attracting highly qualified researchers for conduction of top level research at European standards in ISSS priority areas and will significantly enhance the potential for applied research, experimental development and innovation.

The procedure is implemented with the financial support of the European Regional Development Fund.

The activities must be implemented within the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria (within the programme area). Some activities may be implemented outside the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria but within the EU, provided that they are for the benefit of the programme area. The Managing Authority will verify compliance with the provisions of Article 70 (2) (b) of Regulation (EU) No 1303/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council by ensuring that the total amount allocated under the procedure to activities located outside the programme area does not exceed 15% of the support from the ERDF at the level of Priority Axis 1. In view of the above, when preparing the budget, applicants are requested to group the amounts allocated to activities located outside the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria in a separate sub-section.
Only expenditure incurred within the EU will be considered eligible under the procedure.

The project proposals submitted for under the procedure may include the following activities:

I. Activities related to the creation and equipment of Centres of Excellence (CoE);

II. In-house activities at CoEs related to the conduction of independent R&D for more knowledge and better understanding, including collaborative R&D where the research organisation or research infrastructure engages in effective collaboration in observance of the terms of the Framework:

III. In addition to the above, the project proposal must also include:
1. Activities for the organisation and management of the project;
2. Information and publicity activities, consistent with the Uniform Beneficiary’s Guide to the Implementation of Information and Communication Rules 2014-2020 (Annex XХ to the Guidelines);
3. Independent external audit.

The full set of Guidelines (incl. application conditions and performance conditions) is published on the following internet addresses:



EUMIS 2020 system: https://eumis2020.government.bg.

Deadline for submission of proposals is: no later than 19.00 p.m. on 23.01.2017, through the Information System for Management and Monitoring 2020 (EUMIS 2020) https://eumis2020.government.bg/.

Pursuant to Article 26 (8) of ESIFMA the applicants may ask for clarifications on the published documents not later than three weeks before the relevant deadline for submission of project proposals. The clarifications may be requested in writing by e-mail at: [email protected] with clear indication of the title of the grant award procedure.

The clarifications shall be provided with regard to the Guidelines for Applicants, shall not contain an opinion on the quality of the project proposal and shall be mandatory for all applicants.

The clarifications will be communicated within 10 days of the receipt of the request but not later than two weeks before the deadline for submission of applications as follows: The questions of the applicants and the clarifications by the Managing Authority will be published on the Managing Authority website: http://sf.mon.bg and on the EUMIS2020: https://eumis2020.government.bg (next to the documents for the procedure), and the clarifications shall be approved in advance by the Head of the Managing Authority or by a person authorised thereby.

The presented under the procedure specified above clarifications will be mandatory for the Managing Authority, the Evaluation Committee and for the applicants.

Pursuant to Article 26(8) of the ESIFMA no clarifications will be provided which contain an opinion with regard to the quality a specific project proposal. No answers will be given to questions asked by phone. No answers to questions asked by the applicants will be sent individually under this procedure.


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